Woodcock and Owl Prowl - St. Louis area

Update: I was given directions to an active Great Horned Owl nest and verified that Thursday evening. And Charlene reports a Barred Owl at the shorebird area so we will try for that.


Remember your radios and that it will be cold and damp and muddy.

Restrooms at the office: Iffy. Seems they normally close at 4:00, but if the concession stand stays open later they will be open later. Also, a Busch volunteer is running an evening nature walk and that also might result in them being open.


If it is not raining hard at 4:00, I am going to walk the Fallen Oak trail by the HQs. All are welcome to join me.




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The St. Louis Audubon Society will once again have its annual Woodcock and Owl Prowl at Busch Conservation Area, St. Charles County this Saturday, March 13 starting at 5:00 PM at Hampton Lake.  We will probably be finished by 7:15 PM or so.

Leaders:  Susan Gustafson and Mike Grant

Who can attend:  Anyone, even non- members.

Cost:  Nothing.

What to bring:  binoculars, warm coat in case it gets cool, flashlight for walking around while it's dark and we're looking for Woodcock, rain gear if rain is expected.

Directions: Take Hwy 40 (I-64) west through St. Louis County and go over the bridge into St. Charles County.  Then, take Hwy 94 south from Hwy 40.
About mile down the road, turn right on Hwy D.  Go about 1 miles to the entrance on the right.  Go about 100 yards and turn left at the T to Hampton Lake.
Meet in the parking lot.   

What to expect:  We hope to locate Great Horned Owls and Barred Owls on a scouting trip the day before.   If we find them we will put telescopes on them on Saturday for the group to see.   Once it gets close to darkness we will be at one of a few locations that have male Woodcocks doing their mating ritual of peenting and flying around in great circles.   We will probably find some other birds along the way.  Monday evening I was able to locate at least 8 Woodcocks at two different but close areas.  Thank you Charlene!

Bathrooms: Located in an accessible portion of the nearby Administration building.

Dinner afterward:   Link up with some friends and have dinner in one of the restaurants in Chesterfield Valley.

Mike Grant

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