I did a little rambling around NW part of the county this morning.
Couple of Pied-billed Grebes at Thompson River Wetland along with a variety of Ducks
 Several Rough-legged Hawks still around the Poosey area. Probably won't be around much longer. Increasing numbers of Northern Harriers, many Redtailed Hawks including 3 Krider's type. Haven't seen many of these guys this year, esp compared to last Winter when there were many around. Lots of Am. Kestrals.
Stopped by a creek - Eastern Phobe singing, more Fox Sparrows singing, and Purple Finches singing from high in the Sycamores. Flock of Yellow-rumped Warblers moving around. Found FOS arrowhead on a rockbar in the creek. Nice morning even with the rain showers!
Grand River currently 9 - 10 feet over flood stage between Chilli and Sumner.
 Steve Kinder
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