Thanks, Bill!  My problem is I only checked my Sibley Guide to Birds.  Sibley shows no such V pattern as in this photo for the Eastern.  However, I just checked my Peterson Field Guide and it shows the pattern!  Ah, that rascal Sibley.  He's foiled me again!  (He doesn't do that very often.  I can only think of one other time at the moment.  He doesn't give a clear deliniation of the red spot on the male Golden-crowned Kinglet, whereas Peterson shows it a bit better. Neither show it like I see it in the field.)

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I saw the male E. Towhee yesterday (as well as a Woodcock in the daylight!) around 4PM and was wondering if you or anyone in the group thought it was a hybrid.  This guy had the usual white pattern on the wings of the E. Towhee, but if you or someone had a chance to see him up close and from the back, he had three white "V"''s going down the very center of his back toward his rump.  This "V" pattern was made by 1" white diagonal lines along the edges of the wings that come together in the back. 
Chrissy McClarren
St. Louis
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Chrissy your a keen observer. 
 I got poor looks and worse pics of a Towhee around the bubbler Thur. evening.

The Eastern shows broad white edges to the scapulars. Form the "V" you observed.
Spotted would show white wing bars (tipped wing coverts) and back braces.
Here a Eastern web pic:
Bill Rudden
St Louis
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