Swan Lake NWR last evening with Myrna Carlton to a Friends of Swan Lake meeting. Large numbers and good variety of Waterfowl - think the count that day was 70,000+ Mallards alone. Snow Geese numbers down as waves have been going over for several days. Watched 4 Trumpeter Swans fly close by vocalizing!  Heard from refuge Mgr. of sightings of groups of 4 and 12 Sandhill Cranes seen recently near the refuge. Mixed flocks of Blackbirds around including Rusty and Brewer's.
 Saw Fox Sparrow and Eastern Towhee across lake from Golfcourse on edge of Chilli.. Several Fox Sparrows singing at Locust Creek Covered Bridge part of Pershing State Park, Linn Co. Hearing Song Sparrows singing many places now, and of course DE Juncos been singing for some time. 
Had VERY Bright male Purple Finch at backyard feeder yesterday.
 I have flushed Woodcock while walking around at 4 different places this week. Always surprised how large and brightly colored they look in the daylight!
 Relocated LEOW in the riparian thicket in Linn Co. - 7 - 8 birds and evidence they have been there all winter even through the heavy snow. Found a new group of several LEOW in a large grove of Cedars in Livingston Co. last week. Difficult to get a good look at them in both those situations however.
 Looks like MUCHO flooding in the whole area for next few - several -  days. Here we go Again!
 Steve Kinder
Chillicothe, Livingston Co.
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