Took my dogs out to Eagle Bluffs to see if any shorebirds had come in.  So
far, it's still just Killdeer, but there were quite a few other species that
were FOY spots for me.

American White Pelican - almost 100 in the Distribution Channel
American Coot - more than 60 in the Sapp Tract pool 14/15
Blue-Winged Teal - hanging out with a group of ~20 Northern Shovelers
Wood Duck - two very young, very drab females on opposite ends of the Sapp Tract

Other cool spots were the Ring-billed Ducks, a half-dozen Redheads waaay
back in Pool 15, well over 50 Northern Shovelers throughout the Sapp Tract,
two-dozen Green-winged Teals, and a single Common Merganser pretending he
was a Pelican.

Notably under-represented were the raptors.  I saw one Red-tailed Hawk, one
Northern Harrier (who shadowed me up the distribution channel), and one Bald
Eagle (who was hungrily surveying the Pelicans).

Notably absent was the headquarters/visitor's center.  Not only are the
feeders gone, but so is the house that stood next to them.  Kinda freaked me
out as I have not heard anything about that.

I don't know if she recognized me, but Jean and her dad passed my car early
in the afternoon while I was looking at some Horned Larks.  I tried to wave
them down, but a line of cars was following them, so I figure they were on a

In all, saw 31 species in 3 hrs this afternoon, which while not a personal
record was still a very good outing.  Four FOY species and some really great
looks at the Ring-billed Ducks and Blue-winged Teals.

Chase Darr
Columbia, MO

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