I went out to Columbia Bottom CA today with my family and in the same area as Dave, we saw one unidentified SANDPIPER. That was the only shorebird besides lots of KILLDEER that we saw.  We couldn't find the Yellowlegs.  We saw the flock of TREE SWALLOWS again on the north side of the gravel road, but they wouldn't perch for fantastic close-ups like last time.  We also saw WOOD DUCKS.  That's the first time I have seen them at Columbia Bottom this year.  Of course, there were many other highlights I've mentioned in a prior emails with one exception - the chance to study two Cooper's Hawks (adult and juvenile) up close at length.

Chrissy McClarren
St. Louis 
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> Subject: Greater Yellowlegs at Columbia Bottoms
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> Date: Thursday, March 11, 2010, 11:50 PM
> I went out this afternoon in search
> of shore birds that don't look like Killdear. I started at
> riverlands and saw the ususal waterfowl, lots of shorebird
> habitat but no shorebirds(other than Killdear). I then went
> to Columbia Bottoms and found 1 Greater Yellowlegs. He was
> on the south side of the gravel road in the flooded field
> across the ditch. Also saw the same waterfowl as Riverlands
> with the addition of Blue winged and Green-winged teal.
> Dave Haenni
> Des Peres, Mo. 
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