If anyone is interested, I have posted a link below to a blog  "Outdoors" 
written by outdoor writer Larry Dablemont. He wrote a recent blog about a 
large congregation of short-ear owls that recently occured between 
Greenfield, MO and Lockwood, MO. 

Larry does a radio talk show out of Stockton, Mo and a gentleman by the 
name of Faren Fite called to report that he had seen 200+ owls in the area 
and had photos as well.

If you follow the link, and scroll down the left hand side you will find a link to 
the 2010 blogs of which there are 3 on the page. Once you have arrived at 
the 2010 blog page, scroll down about half way to where the "Short-Ears 
Aplenty" blog starts, you can read about this sighting and also see the 
pictures for proof.

I have not heard of this many owls together in my life. I hope that you find 
this as interesting as I do. The link, to Larry's blog, is as follows:

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