After getting closer looks at the large gull with white wing tips at
Long Branch SP (Macon Co.) I came to the conclusion that it is a
glaucous and NOT an Iceland gull. When I watched the gull yesterday at
a greater distance it seemed smaller and billed looked thinner. Today
I got closer looks and also had several herring gulls in the vicinity
for comparison. My gull was slightly larger than the herrings, while
Iceland is supposed to be smaller. The bill had a black tip indicating
that this is a third-cycle bird and the bill was not thin. Also as the
wingtips were absolutely white, so if it were Iceland it had to be the
nominative subspecies glaucoides, which does not occur inland in the
US. So my conclusion: it is a glaucous gull.
Here are few very distant, but identifiable photos:
Glacuous gull:

Lesser black-backed gull:

Sorry for the confusion and false alarm with the iceland gull.
As always, comments on identification are greatly appreciated.
Good gulling,

Peter Kondrashov
Kirksville, MO

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