There were some high numbers here today (or at least for the year so far).

Since I wasn't too excited about getting skunked at fishing again here, I drove around the lake and back into Unit A doing a little birding. After making the loop around Unit A, I then put the canoe in the water and faced the inevitable - zero fish!

It was still a great 3 hours spent on a windy, mostly sunny day.

A lingering male Greater Scaup and a pair of Common Goldeneye were a welcomed surprise as were a minimum of 42 Double-crested Cormorants that were present and roosting in the Bald Cypress Trees over the water.

A good number of Buffleheads won the "Awe" Award, as usual, for their small size and cute color patterns.

Just before dark, I noticed a white, lazy, flying "V" headed South over the edge of lake; I almost shrugged it off as being a flock of Snow Geese, but the odd thing was they weren't calling. Not satisfied with not knowing . . . a second look (this time with the bins) revealed 35 American White Pelicans!

As I was pulling the canoe out of the water, I heard "aliens" overhead. I looked up to see 28 Tree Swallows flying southward into the trees bordering the lake.

Full Report can be seen here:

Good Spring Birding!

Chris Barrigar
Stoddard Co.
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