Saw a couple of white crowned at Eagle Bluffs feeders a couple of weeks ago before they took the feeders down. I still have some white throated sparrows this morning. However, I have not seen any juncos at my feeder for the past few days.
In the last week found two different patches of feathers on the ground, one within 10 feet of one of my feeders. It looks like a starling and a mourning dove became a meal to another creature. I have seen a large Coopers Hawk in my back yard in the past few weeks. Lots of my neighbors have bird feeders.  I can only surmise that the Coopers has been going from feeder to feeder enjoying the fruits of seed fed dove and starling.
Mark Gutchen
Columbia, MO
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 I heard a shrill call, sort of like a whistle.. "come here".. it said.. So I did.. It was the eastern towhee on the fence. I had not seen it since returned home (but not home much).  Still have 3-4 whitethroated sparrows.. Haven't had the white-crowned return yet.
Did mention the white-breasted nuthatches and red-bellied woodpecker yesterday.. Otherwise, still have my colorful robin, cardinals (earlier in week were three males and one female.. think I've seen that before), the bluejays, house finches. Also mourning doves, house sparrows, eurasian tree sparrows, still an occasional d-e junco, the mockingbirds for contrast.  Nice to have some quiet time at home to watch.. 

Jane Allen
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St. Louis County
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