Mobirders -
Randy and I took a spin around parts of Smithville Lake this afternoon.  The ice is finally starting to melt but the majority of water remains frozen over.  We located a small group of greater white-fronted geese by the dam.  A large group of pelicans was present near the Camp Branch Marina, as well as the long-tailed duck.  Short-eared Owls are still present at McComas Rd.  We passed Linda Williams along the way and she may have found birds we missed!
Jennifer Reidy and Randy Cartwright

Pied-billed Grebe - 1
Am. White Pelican (all breeding plumage - we had never seen or noticed at least the prominent fleshy knob on the bill!) - >35
Double-crested Cormorant - 2
Great Blue Heron - 1
Greater White-fronted Goose - 5
Canada Goose - hundreds
Snow Goose - thousands
Mallard - hundreds
Gadwall - >15
N. Shoveler - 2
Green-winged Teal - >10
Redhead - >20
Lesser Scaup - 5
C. Goldeneye - hundred
Long-tailed Duck - 1
Hooded Merganser - 8
C. Merganser - dozens
Buffledhead - 6
Bald Eagle - several
N. Harrier - 2
Red-tailed Hawk
Am. Kestrel
Ring-billed Gull - hundreds
unIDed gulls - lots
Mourning Dove
Short-eared owl - 5
N. Flicker - 1
Am. Crow
B-c Chickadee
Am. Robin
N. Mockingbird
N. Cardinal
E. Starling
House Finch

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