On driving down Rock Quarry Rd. toward the university this morning, my wife
and I saw a column of circling turkey vultures (at least 20+).  This is the
most I've seen in one spot before and the most I've seen in Columbia this
year.  Until today, I have only seen 2 in hovering over
Grindstone Ave. and another hovering over the golf course on-campus.  I
think they were distributing portions of the Katy Trail as territories
because when I drove back by a few minutes later, most were scattering in
all directions along that valley.

It was a pretty cool sight to see and a sure sign of spring.

Also, saw a Belted Kingfisher, no joke, on a steep red clay embankment on
the side of the road.  I've only ever seen them by water, so I'm not sure
what he was doing there...but it was definitely a kingfisher.

Also, within the last week, I've started hearing Killdeer calls from outside
my apartment about dusk.  They've moved at least this far north and inland
from the Missouri River.

That's all so far.  Going to drive around and see what's off in the woods
this weekend.  Hope everyone enjoys this great weather!

-Chase Darr
Columbia, MO

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