Absolutely possible- hence my question mark in the subject! :)

However, given how late in the season it is, and how "warm" it has been in the last few days, in my scientific estimation (read: best guess) I think the bird has probably gone north.

Late date for NOSH is March 31 I believe, with only a handful recorded in early March.  

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Hi Andy and others,

I made two trips to Whetstone Creek CA this winter to see the Northern Shrike and could not find it either time. Others were able to find it after my (unposted) failures. I'm not sure we can know it has gone just because of not seeing it on one trip. I'm assuming it may search off the CA for food. Or, perhaps it has a roost that is not readily visible from the roadways. Just additional thoughts.

Best, Susan Hazelwood
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I stopped by Whetstone Creek CA on the way back from St. Louis today and could not find the Northern Shrike. It has probably headed back north.

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