That makes sense, but in this case it seems to me that the attribution of belief as the ground of "Gerontion" does affect reading--whatever the intent.

>>> Carrol Cox <[log in to unmask]> 03/04/10 11:42 AM >>>
Nancy, I suggest dividing posts into those which attempt to read the
poem (whether their readings are correct or incor) and those that are
chasing some other goal. Respond to the former, ignore the latter. Peter
is not interested in Gerontion but in using it for his own purposes;
skip his posts.


> Nancy Gish wrote:
> First, he was not then an "ex-believer"; one might call him then a
> "pre-believer." Second the attribution of Christianity to Eliot
> is--later--accurate but not in 1920, and it is not I who made it.
> Whatever is the point here? The general Christian history and
> tradition of Europe and within the literature Eliot affirmed is both
> obvious and not at issue.
> Nancy