> BTW, in a somewhat more serious note, in the Inspector Morse
> series. an episode called "Lost Bus to Woodstock", Morse
> says something about the Elizabethans using leather condoms.
> Has anyone ever encountered anything on that phenom. at all?

It says here that the Dutch made fine leather condoms:

And making this an on-Eliot-topic the Wikipedia article says:
"In 1930 the Anglican Church's Lambeth Conference sanctioned
the use of birth control by married couples."  I believe that
Eliot had something to say about this in his "Thoughts after
Lambeth" essay.

There is also TWL's silk handkerchiefs.  Though the years I've
made a number of on-line searches to get some proof that they
were used as condoms but, while it seems likely, I haven't
quite gotten enough evidence.

    Rick Parker