Thanks for the laugh, Rickard. As Danny Kaye once said, paraphrasing
Shakespeare, "An oboe is an ill wind that nobody blows good."

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Subject: Re: 'Gerontion' -- the dramatic arc

> Why can't it just be a door knob?  That would tie into the
> "hand on the door," the image of "vacant shuttles (who) weave
> the wind" through the halls.  (I'm not saying it's *literally*
> a house, but to me the imagery needs its internal consistency.)

How about this then? Read:
   An old man in a draughty house
   Under a windy knob.
like this:
   An old man in a house full of draught beer
   Passed out under a keyhole under the door knob
   Passing wind.

Take no offense.  I'm working on a serious post with this
but, although it will be better, it will still lack some
consistency as I'm still trying to figure out this poem.

   Rick Parker