Madame S's name is also a spoof.

For some otherwise useless reason (no crit or spoof intended here)
Richard's line " I read much of the arcane and occult" keeps evoking
in my auditory imagination Eliot's line " I read much of the night...."

Sweeney Ag. is definitely the work of a cool jazz lover,
syncopation and resonant interval and all that.

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> I read much of the arcane and occult in TSE's writings as a spoof
> on Pound and Pound's friends.  Whether they knew or not makes that
> sort of reading even juicier.

I have to agree with those who see Madame Sosostris as a spoof on
Bertrand Russell.

> Try TSE as "cool dude".  I think you might enjoy an entirely new
> experience from "serious nerd"

That's a challenge but I'll try.

    Rick Parker