Well he seems to be a frustrated old man who has literally
lost his senses. I feel so much irony in what he says, but  that is
just the effect it has for me.

Then there is the fact that he is not using a standard Christian image.
Christ is
usually associated with the lion as a king image.

The tiger has a vicious, emotional character, the kind of thing that
is dead in Gerry. There is a certain fatalistic quality.
Us he devours once and for all, the whole sinful human race, down
the gullet all at once present, past and future.

The idea of a similar tiger doing a similar thing in our modern
culture rather appeals, even though it's already been done, once for all.

"Christ who had no sin, became sin for us."

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>   Peter,
>   Do you think he's mocking it? Yes or no make very different poems.
>   Is it that human nature is transformed?
>   My impression, just to be out front, is that it is an unmocking, or
> rather unmocked, Christian vision at work in Gerontion.
>   Ken
> //
> Peter Montgomery wrote:
> > Thanks Ken. It doesn't mean that Eliot believed that; he just understood
> > theology very clearly, and was perhaps mocking it.
> >
> > That he later came to believe it creates an interesting shadow effect.
> >
> >
> >
> >> ...this is very nice
> >> Peter, and makes sense in a number of ways. Christ the Tiger thus
> >> assimilates us to the Body of Christ. In Eliot, the way up and the way
> >> down are often the same, and what appears to be a negative has an
> >> ostensibly positive import.
> >>
> >> Peter Montgomery wrote:
> >>
> >>> I suspect that the tiger's pouncing in spring is Jesus' resurrection.
> >>> In overcoming death, he devours the old man and transforms
> >>> human nature into something new which actually participates in
> >>> the divine nature as adopted sons of God.
> >>>
> >>> Jesus did say at one point in one of the gospels, "You are as gods."
> >>>
> >>> Hope that adds some zest to your being munched.
> >>>
> >>>
> >
> >