BTW, in a somewhat more serious note, in the Inspector Morse
series. an episode called "Lost Bus to Woodstock", Morse
says something about the Elizabethans using leather condoms.
Has anyone ever encountered anything on that phenom. at all?

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Subject: Off topic and off color - verb/preposition wordplay

> I'm offering the possibility of (2) without knowing what it would
> mean for a  wind to be "running on."  But I'm also unsure about
> whether in (4), a gull "running on" would mean that it's "going
> with the flow."

Ah!  Those English verb and preposition usages can cause confusion.
Witness this bit of risque wordplay:

At school one afternoon, little Johnny put his hand up and asked,
"Miss, Miss, what does the expression "Tore his leather" mean?"

The teacher replied, "I'm sorry, Johnny, what's the context?"

"Well, Miss, it says here 'Robin Hood tore his leather jerkin off.'"