Carrol, My post about the devouring tiger refers to the progressive  
present tense in which the action is ongoing, as in the sentence "The  
rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain."

I don't see how a discussion of verb tenses relates to any conspiracy  
against Eliot.

I was indicating that the action was ongoing and not occuring as a  
completed action in the poem, which addressed Peter's idea that the  
devouring provided a dramatic climax.


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> DIana Manister wrote:
>> Peter,
>> The tiger doesn't
> Diana, Nancy, Stop it!
> **Vain attempts to reach Conspiracits thinkign can themselves become
> addictive. Nothing you say can make any difference whatsoever. All you
> do is show how deep and sinister the "Anti-Eliot" conspiacy is.
> Carrol