I'm surprised no one has pointed the list at *TSE* himself reading the FQ.  There was a Caedmon set of cassette tapes long ago, which is still available from Amazon USA:


HarperCollins UK offers it on CD
(Note that this is *actually* the *CD* version, despite what the page says; it matches the product number on my own copy, and see also some buyer's comments which confirm this.  This is shown as temporarily out of stock, but there are links to marketplace vendors.)

The set includes a wide variety of his poems, TLSoJAP, TWL, THM, LFcP, Macavity, and much else.


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Not heard Sir Alec's version, but sure it can't surpass Paul Scofield's:-

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Four Quartets -- a reading experience
"No poem has given me greater solace or hope in the face of what is unknown and unknowable." -- Christopher Guerin
As for Sir Alec Guinness's reading, I could only find it at amazon:
Hope to listen to it some day -- by the fireside, as they say!