We have room for a few more posters for the WIG poster session in October 2010.
Extended deadline: April 15, 2010

The organizers of the WiG Poster Session welcome proposals for the 

35th Annual Conference of the Coalition of Women in German 

at the Yarrow Golf and Conference Center in 
Augusta, MI 
October 21-24, 2010

The purpose of the poster session is to allow scholars to employ visual forms to initiate conversations about their research, teaching, or academic life. Examples of visual forms include: posters, 3-D art, interactive exhibits, and multimedia presentations.

Proposals will consist of a 300-500 word abstract describing the project’s content and form. This must include a description of the layout, design, material, and technology that will be used. For logistical reasons, presenters must provide their own materials and equipment, including projectors and computers. If sound will be used, presenters must also bring headphones. To insure that your information is available throughout the conference, multi-media presentations must be accompanied by a simple explanatory poster or handout. Posters from past sessions have addressed such topics as teaching, literature, film, cultural studies, history, and the balancing of career and family. 

"Posters" have taken the form of PowerPoint presentations, websites, dioramas, sculpture, and of course cardboard (see the Women in German website for examples:

Many universities support the production of posters as a way of publicizing research. You may want to find out what your institution offers in terms of audiovisual support and travel funds. Show us all how creative you really are! Get valuable feedback on your newest, brilliant idea!

Submit your proposals electronically to BOTH organizers by April 15, 2010:
Marjanne Goozé, University of Georgia ([log in to unmask]), and 
Astrid Weigert, Georgetown University ([log in to unmask]). 

Selected presenters must be members of Women in German by May 15, 2010.

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