Today I seen one swan in large pond west of Hwy 71, just north of the Hwy 571 exit in Carthage.  I could not stop to get a good look at it, but it was not a mute swan.  I think it was a trumpeter.
Then this afternoon I stopped at the Old 18 wetlands near Clinton and there were 6 swans on that wetland (2 adults, 4 immature).  I did not have a scope, just binocs, but I believe they are trumpeters also.  There were no neckbands on these either.  The wetlands also included several hundred pintail, about as many mallards and a couple hundred Canada geese.  I did not have time to look through all the ducks for any rarities, There are alot of ducks and geese in the area, so it may be worth  going out there and scoping through them.   
Neal Young
Johnson County, MO

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