My husband and I just returned from another trip around Hi Lonesome (about 12:30), and we saw the Ferruginous Hawk.  We didn't get as close as I would have liked, but the description that Steve saw fit this bird.  It had a very light head, and the breast was quite white with no break between the head & breast.  When it flew, the tail showed a light rusty tinge to the edge. 
We saw the bird a little north of the parking lot of the Conservation Area at Hi Lonesome.  Just go to the parking lot and proceed north while checking all trees and fence posts west of the road.  Actually the bird did fly back over to the east of the road, but we first saw him on the west. I believe Steve said he had always seen him on the west.
No Western Bluebird.  But we did see the Loggerhead that Edge reported as well.
Happy Birding!

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