I have been pleasantly surprised by the various locations that have open water around St. Louis and Weldon Spring, Mo. and more importantly, the birds using it.
Creve Coeur Lake-60% ice free.  Fascinated by the various courtship displays of Common Merganser, Hooded Merganser and Common Goldeneye.  The latter was the most flamboyant; head stretching, flinging its head all the way past its back and touching the water, and some sqwaking.  Hooded raised and lowered its crest a lot, while the Common Mergs. seemed to raise their tail when annoyed by another male.  Many gulls out as well.
Big Muddy, Boones Crossing Unit- A little water goes a long way.  It held Red Heads, Canvasbacks, Gadwalls, L. Scaup and mallards.  Killdeer were calling a lot in the vicinity as well.
Katy Trail @ Weldon Springs Mo, Going west toward the Hamburg trail, I made a left and followed a levee.  A small body of water had more Canvasbacks and Mallards w/Canada Geese as well.
That was today, tomorrow is a new day.
Bryan Prather
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St. Louis Co, Mo.

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