I have been having trouble with my computer, and that is the reason for the delayed post.  Thursday morning as I went outside to replenish the suet feeder, I heard a very familiar call.  Not one I'd heard lately, and one that I did not expect from a treetop.  However, there he was singing away--a Red-winged Blackbird. 
Actually, all of the birds seem to be singing now; Spring cannot be far away.  Additional yard birds were:
4 N. Cardinals
4 Blue Jays
1 C Chickadee
1 Tufted Titmouse
1 N. Mockingbird
1 White-throated Sparrow
7 Dark-eyed Juncos
1 Rough-legged Hawk
2 Robins
7 Cedar Waxwings

A very good morning for the yard.
Happy Birding,
Marge Lumpe

Marge Lumpe
P. O. Box 448
Cole Camp, MO 65325
Benton County
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