We have a lot of open water "down here" with some waterfowl.  Lake Jacomo is
starting to open up in the middle and along its edges.  We have several
ponds along MO Highway 7 with waterfowl - all south of 50 highway between 50
and Pleasant Hill.  Lake Lotawana (has alotawata) and it's starting to open
up now too.  (Sorry for the inside joke there.)

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I am curious about the open water situation throughout the state.  In the
Kansas City area most moving water is open or partially open and almost all
still water, even deep water is frozen closed.  There are a few spots of
open water on some large impoundments and in places that have an inflow of
warmer water.  Is this the condition throughout the state or is there
significant open water in some areas?  
I visited Smithville Lake tonight and as I expected there is very little
open water near the marina at Camp Branch.  The Long-tailed Duck seems to
have moved on from this location.  There were a few Canada Geese, a Great
Blue Heron, a Pied-billed Grebe, and a pair of immature Bald Eagles across
the road.  I never made it to the dam area but imagine that it was frozen as
well.  I tired for the Northern Shrike at 160th and Hardesty and struck out.
I drove up to McComas Road and caught the evening edition of the Short-eared
Owl show, I saw eight at one point.  Also had a Red-tailed Hawk and American
Kestral at this location.

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