First of all I learned that many birders are photographers since many of them carry point and shoot cameras these days for documentation reasons and also just to photograph interesting birds like owls. So when you say you like birds and photograph birds that pretty much encompasses a lot of birders who like to photograph birds too while birding. Then there are people maybe like yourself who have websites for selling bird photographs they taken and also have a love for birdwatching.  I learned that a great majority of professional nature photographers are good people that are not into breaking branches and flashing the eyes out on owls and other birds. These kinds of actions are done by very few porfessional & amateur photographers. Here in northern Minnesota during the winter months we deal with over baiting issues and teasing the owls with fake mice attach to fishing line/poles that lure N. Hawks Owls in or Great Gray Owls so they can photograph a
 hovering Hawk Owl or a Great Gray Owl gliding in towards the fake prey.  We do our best to call these type of people out but again we are only talking about 1 or 2 bad apples per season and for the most part professional photographers do care about the environment and the subjects they photograph and its to bad that a few people can ruin for them.
Then again birders are not perfect either and just like photographers the vast majority of birders are very ethical people but there are a small minority of folks that can ruin the image of birders by playing tapes in locations where taping is not allowed, trespassing on private land to see a bird, making a bird flush to reveal some ID marks and ect.. 

Clark if you email me privately I can send a name of a Missouri birder/photographer who probably knows about the owls you are searching for.

Mike Hendrickson
Duluth, Minnesota

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Subject: Re: Why so secret with the birds? (no sightings)

Owls and photographers are a touchy subject, Clark.

There have been several instances (some in Missouri, others that Missourians are aware of) in which photographers have disturbed roosting owls, causing them to abandon the area.  Offenses include getting "in the face" of the owl to get that eye-knocking shot, and breaking off branches to get them out of the picture.

Some Mobirds members have been offended by these actions, and some have been chagrined when they realize it was their information that led the photographer to the bird that no one could find after the photographer's visit.

This is the basis of the reticence to post specific information as to some owl's roosts.  Some birders, upon a request from a photographer, will accompany the photographer to the site.

Just as birders often lose access to birding sites because of the misbehavior of a few, so photographers lose access to information because of misbehavior within their ranks.

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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On Feb 24, 2010, at 5:57 AM, Clark Creighton wrote:

I have been a member of the list server for two years now.  As most of you know, I photograph birds and have a true love for them.  I am a conservationist and understand the balance between man and nature.  Yet it amazes me how some people on
> this list as so secret about some birds.  I have reached out to three people on list over the last week to ask where the TG Owls are so I could go by on a nice day and try to photograph them. No response from anyone.  
>If I find a rare bird such as the January catbird last year, I post it.  I dont get out as much as some on here due to work, but I try and bird at least some every day.  I do not understand the secret thinking when it comes to certain species, owls especially. 
>So, if anyone would like to help me find the TG owls, directions would be appreciated.  sorry for addressing the entire list, but seemed like the only way
>Clark Creighton
>Wildwood MO  
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