Columbia Bottom Conservation Area is under threat by a proposed Casino.  I took the follwing from the Missouri Coalition for the Environment:

"The Columbia Bottoms Conservation Area is located in one of the largest migratory bird flyways. Over one-third of North America's migratory birds fly through this area each year. Columbia Bottoms also sits on a floodplain. Nestled just south of the Missouri River at its meeting place with the Mississippi, the area attracts wildlife and outdoor adventurers alike. But now St. Louis County would like to place a casino just south of the conservation area. 
The proposed development would raise the level of 377 acres of the current floodplain by 30 ft to accommodate a large casino, 8000 parking spaces and a golf course. It has not been said where the soil needed to elevate the land will come from. Building on the floodplain will cause hundreds of thousands of gallons of water polluted with motor oil, fertilizers and pesticides to runoff the property and threaten the adjacent sensitive wetland habitat (Columbia Bottom CA) that the Department of Conservation has spent $25 million dollars to protect and restore."

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Chrissy McClarren
St. Louis City
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