This morning under bright sunshine (for a change) I observed fourteen species of waterfowl around the oxbow lakes south of Saint Joseph. The best area was Mud Lake (Buchanan County) where the thousands of geese and ducks are maintaining a pool of open water. Lake Contrary, Horseshoe Lake and Muskrat Lake were all completely frozen. Sugar Lake at Lewis & Clark also has some open water (but not as many numbers/varieties of waterfowl as Mud Lake). Sugar Lake was better for Common Goldeneyes and Common Mergansers.

Waterfowl List:

Greater White-fronted Geese
Snow Geese
Ross's Geese
Cackling Geese
Canada Geese
American Wigeons
Northern Pintails
Ring-necked Ducks
Lesser Scaups
Common Goldeneyes
Common Mergansers

There were also several American Coots on Mud Lake.

In the shoreside vegetation at Mud Lake I observed a FOY Hermit Thrush.
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