Hello everyone in bird world.  I have been so busy with work lately I havent worked with my photos much at all.  I have my camera in the car every day and usually get a chance to shoot at least a few shots during the day.  And I have discovered that the chance of me getting a chance shot with the camera at home is pretty constant at 0%!!
These Photos cover the guantlet!  I have everything from a Turkey Vulture with a skunks leg in its mouth (YUMMY!) to what is in my opinion the most  beautiful Junco I have seen.  Many eagle shots, including a fight over a deer carcas! 
Some are just to record a bird (swans) and some are my attempts at artistic (look at the female cardinal and the Kestral in flight)
Either way, I hope everyone that takes the time to look enjoys the birds.  There are stories behind every photo ( the hawk with the starling, I saw him take it down in Ballwin on Sulpher Springs, and watched him eat a bit, then fly over and give it to his mate.  I was a site stopped in the middle lane with my camera hanging out the window!) and if you find one that you really like, please let me know.  I shoot only for pleasure, but I like hearing from others regarding this all enveloping hobby.
Happy Birding!
Clark Creighton
Wildwood MO
Gallery is at :  http://clark-creighton.smugmug.com/Other/recent-shots/11294964_RYW7V#792910445_L3P5t

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