Mary Anne and I were out at Creve Coeur Lake this morning.  We were at the Sail Boat Cove entrance.  There was a gull roost on the ice of about 200 Ring-billed Gulls with about 15 Herring Gulls.  In the back and middle of the group was a very large gull.  It was brown on the wings with dark brown primaries on the wings.  The head was white with a little streaking at the neck.  We could not see the legs or the underside of the bird.  The bill was very large, thick, and mostly black (upper mandible all black / lower mandible mostly black).  The gull was double the size of a Ring-billed Gull and stood taller than nearby Herring Gulls.
Other birds of interest today at Creve Coeur included a male Wood Duck, eight Coots, four Northern Shovelers, seven Pintails, 35 Ruddy Ducks, a Red-breasted Merganser, 10 Hooded Mergansers in flight, 10 White Fronted Geese in flight, and a flight of about 400 Snow Geese.
David & Mary Anne Marjamaa
Manchester, MO
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