It was a cold afternoon in Sumner, Missouri, but the peek sneaking drew my
wife and I up from our Columbia slumber.  The snow was still 2" deep and
flurries started mid-afternoon, but the event was still on and, not
realizing the CAS had given up on it, my wife and I went ahead as planned.

Both lakes were frozen over and the snow geese were absent, but overall it
was not a terrible birding experience.  I am really excited to return in a
few weeks when the water does open up, because they expect a huge migration
(since it's been pushed back due to the weather).

Overall, saw or heard 23 species.  Highlights were two lifers for me: ruddy
duck and rough-legged hawk, as well as several FOY birds (Northern Shoveler,
Greater Scaup, and Common Goldeneye).  There were about 3500 Canada Geese,
1000+ Mallards, and a dozen or so Greater White-Fronted Geese.  

There was one bird that I could not see from the road, but heard distinctly.
 It's song was quiet and mousy, almost like a light dog whimper.  Although
the sound was not quite the same, it almost sounded like a rough-legged
hawk, but with an upturn at the end.  keee oooh weee.  It was bizarre. 
Intermixed with that song were half a dozen red-headed woodpeckers that were
*very* chattery.  I figure it may have been a hawk or some type of
raptor/falcon, but I'm not sure what it could be.  I checked the songs on
the Cornell site and none of the raptors/falcons had the right voice.

It was a fun trip even without the tens of thousands of geese we expected. 
Hope everyone else had a good birding day, as well!

-Chase Darr
Columbia, MO

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