The Columbia Audubon field trip destination was changed due to nasty  
conditions detrimental to safe driving in the vicinity of the Long- 
eared Owls.  Additionally, we felt that there were probably enough  
Snow Geese at Eagle Bluffs to satisfy that need.  We can enjoy Swan  
Lake in better conditions.

We went first to Eagle Bluffs CA, Boone Co., then to Whetstone Creek  
CA in Callaway Co.  Full lists will be on CACHE later.  No Golden  
Eagle seen by our group.

Highlights include:  18-20 thousand Snow Geese (only a couple Ross's  
clearly identified--corn stubble and distance were factors), Canadas  
(Greater and Interior), a few Cackling, many White-fronted Geese.   
Ducks included 11 Canvasback, some Redheads, Lesser Scaup, Green- 
winged Teal, 3 American Wigeon.  One Trumpeter Swan (possibly 2--seen  
at different times/locations), several immature Bald Eagles, several  
Ring-billed Gulls, a couple American Coots (can spring be far?),  
Northern Harrier, one male Belted Kingfisher.

At Whetstone, a Rough-legged Hawk, several Red-tails and Northern  
Harriers.  The Northern Shrike was more accommodating than usual and  
allowed some pretty close viewing.

As an aside, I'm glad that, unlike the real kind, Trojan horses don't  
like MacIntoshes!

Also, congrats to Steve Dilks for one really fun find today! (He also  
saw the Prairie Falcon and a fine selection of raptors, but no  
Ferruginous Hawk.

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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