The advice by Chase Darr is very good.  Here are a couple of suggestions 
to add.

If you are running Win7, go to the Microsoft web site and download and 
install the free Microsoft Security Essentials software and allow it to 
update automatically.  This is an AV, malware and spyware blocker but it 
doesn't come automatically with Win7.  I don't use Norton AV any longer, 
but it should be adequate as a second AV program.  I use another 
freeware AV called Avast which co-exists with the Microsoft program 
transparently.  It, too, can be configured to update automatically, 
although I always run an update check on Avast everytime I log onto the 
'net.  This combination going back to WinXP has never allowed a problem 
on my computers.

It's always a good idea to run a manual update check before going online 
each session with any of your AV software.  Also limit the amount of 
personal information you provide to your e-mail services, Facebook and 
other social networking sites.  Make sure your Facebook security 
settings are tight and consider not entering your e-mail address and 
highly specific personal information in the Privacy settings and 
Personal information or setting the limit to "Friends only".  These 
sites can be 'mined' for contact information.

- Mike Davis
Neosho, MO

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