We went to Eagle Bluffs this morning and stopped to talk to Anne LaBrunerie on the road there.  She told us that Howard Hinkle had ID'd a Golden Eagle and pointed it out to her.  It was in the same area as Andy Forbes reported: Pool 2, flying in the back, visible against the bluffs.  We were able to relocate it. 

Other birds of note:
Canada Goose - still very many
Mallard - rivaling the Canada Goose for largest number
Snow Goose - 4 with the Canada's in distribution channel.  3 blue goose, 1 white, more flying over
Greater White-fronted - a few in distribution channel, more flying over
Gadwall - well represented
Hooded Merganser - 2
N Shoveler - 12
Green-winged Teal - 2
Cackling Goose - finally found 4 that looked almost as small as the Mallards

Belted Kingfisher - first of year - 1 bird
Meadowlarks - 6, no vocalization, so I guess Eastern
Bald Eagles - at least 9, mostly immatures

Kathleen Anderson, Sandy Elbert, Harold Anderson

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