Guys and gals, men and women, scholars and novices, birders and hunters,

I'd like to enlist your services in helping me identify this mystifying goose . . .

Ready to put on your thinking caps? Guides at the ready?

The description:
Larger than Canada Goose (almost dwarfing the nearby Canadas), white body, neck and head with blueish marbling on upper wings and back, very tip of primaries are black (but only very little), a white stripe runs down the back of its neck, the white cheeks have a black dot (much like that of the Eurasian Tree Sparrow), it has a black "Yakima" cap on the top/back of its head, there is a dark vertical line at the base of the bill, bill is bordered by white, orange legs/feet, large orange sloping bill, not a "long" neck, but not short either.

Photos can be viewed at the links below. They were taken at Pool 35 at about 4:45 pm with overcast skies . . . not the best quality in the world, but I can guarantee you that you'll have no trouble discerning that this is one odd bird! I have never seen its equal in the near 5 years of birding I've done.

I can't stop smiling when I look over these images. It's one cool bird (not that any of the regulars aren't "cool"; they are all cool)!

I'm going to steer away from this being a swan, because all our North American swans have black legs (in my experience).

Any help at all in coming up with identification would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure others might like to know your thoughts on this unique individual - if you'd care to post online.

Good Birding!

Chris Barrigar
Stoddard Co.
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