I don't know if you've downloaded the Eliot MP3 file attachment to your hard drive, but if you did, could you run a virus scan using McAfee and report the results to the list? There is usually some option in virus-detection software like "run custom scan" that allows you to select a single file for scanning. Let me know if McAfee detects any security threats.


-- Tom --

Date: Fri, 19 Feb 2010 17:14:17 +0000
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Subject: Re: Valentine's gift to the TSE list: MP3 recording of Eliot reading "Fragment of an Agon"
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Chacun à son goût. My partner is an IT Specialist and his company advises against Norton and uses McAfee Virus Scanner and McAfee Firewall for wide-area and local networks. 
What's CNET?
> Diana Manister wrote:
> > Tom you must know that there are better Internet security programs 
> > than Norton. I use MacAfee.
> Just to be fair, Diana, CNET seems to think Norton superior to 
> McAfee: *"The bottom line:* For home and student use, we think Norton 
> 360 represents the best value for ease of use, tools offered, and 
> overall system performance. We recommend it over McAfee Total Protection 
> and Microsoft Windows Live OneCare."
> Ken

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