Tom you must know that there are better Internet security programs than Norton. I use MacAfee.


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On Feb 19, 2010, at 12:51 AM, Tom Colket <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

I know there has been some concern that the MP3 file of Eliot may have problems, such as a virus. I scanned the MP3 file of the Eliot recording using Norton Internet Security, installed by Dell on my WINDOWS 7 computer. Norton returned the following report:
"No viruses or other security risks were found".

I would appreciate it if other listers could run a scan on the Eliot MP3 file and report their results to the list.

If any of you deleted the MP3 file out of fear it could be malicious and are now convinced it is OK, you can retrieve the file from the TSE archives yourself. To do so, go to this address:

For your email address, enter the address you used when you joined the list. For example, for me, the address would be "[log in to unmask]". If you've never used the archives before, you'll have to hit the "Get Password" button to set up a personal archive password.

After you log in to the archives, click on "February 2010". Click on the "DATE" field to sort the messages in chronological order. Scroll down to 2/14/10, and the Eliot recording is the first archived message on 2/14/10. Click on the MP3 attachment, save it to your hard drive, and you've got your copy.

-- Tom --

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