Tom you must know that there are better Internet security programs  
than Norton. I use MacAfee.


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On Feb 19, 2010, at 12:51 AM, Tom Colket <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> I know there has been some concern that the MP3 file of Eliot may  
> have problems, such as a virus. I scanned the MP3 file of the Eliot  
> recording using Norton Internet Security, installed by Dell on my  
> WINDOWS 7 computer. Norton returned the following report:
> "No viruses or other security risks were found".
> I would appreciate it if other listers could run a scan on the Eliot  
> MP3 file and report their results to the list.
> If any of you deleted the MP3 file out of fear it could be malicious  
> and are now convinced it is OK, you can retrieve the file from the  
> TSE archives yourself. To do so, go to this address:
> For your email address, enter the address you used when you joined  
> the list. For example, for me, the address would be "[log in to unmask] 
> ". If you've never used the archives before, you'll have to hit the  
> "Get Password" button to set up a personal archive password.
> After you log in to the archives, click on "February 2010". Click on  
> the "DATE" field to sort the messages in chronological order. Scroll  
> down to 2/14/10, and the Eliot recording is the first archived  
> message on 2/14/10. Click on the MP3 attachment, save it to your  
> hard drive, and you've got your copy.
> -- Tom --
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