Not every member of this list has a state-of-the-art email connection.  My ornery dial-up connection took 25 minutes to receive just your "Valentine" and then disconnected before I could retrieve the other 36 messages waiting for me -- and this was after an hour and a half of attempts to retrieve my email this morning.  How much more of my day is going to be part of that waste land of lost time simply trying to receive my email?  If large attachments like this are going to become the norm on this list, as much as I enjoy learning from the commentary on T. S., I will have to unsubscribe. 

Carol Cates Parker 
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  Sent: Sunday, February 14, 2010 1:18 AM
  Subject: Valentine's gift to the TSE list: MP3 recording of Eliot reading "Fragment of an Agon"


  Eliot List:

  Happy Valentine's Day!

  My Valentine's Day gift to the List is, attached to this email, a hard-to-get copy of Eliot himself reading "Fragment of an Agon" from "Sweeney Agonistes". The attachment is a 5MB "MP3" file which everyone on the list should be able to hear on their computers.

  Before I go any further, per instructions from the copyright holder and from Harvard, I must call your attention to the "important notice" below: