I'm not sure I want to expose my bald head.
It could be the Prufy just popped out of Eliot's imaginative consciousness,
and, having gone through the "fire that refines them"
suddenly emerged as an epiphany explained only by its own creative dynamic.
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The ambiguity of Prufrock
Critics have taken note of Prufrock's self-deprecating mockery -- a-la Laforgue --
Maybe Prufrock is a prophet -- a lazarus come from the dead -- a vacillating hamlet -- or whatever -- and he enjoys wearing counter-masks to beguile/defraud/delight his readers/listeners --
Maybe he likes to dramatize situations he merely visualizes -- including any perverse streak in his subconscious -- secure in his belief that words are fun --
Prufrock has been many things to many readers --
Dreams and shadows are "indeterminate" --
Hats off to Diana !!!