Good thing it wasn't a post-hydraulic suggestion. Imagine the mess!!!
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Dear Carrol,
Call it what you will, but some process operates to keep certain desires out of conscious awareness.
I recall a psychologist's story of a man who had been given a post-hypnotic suggestion to get down on all fours when he heard a code word. Responding to the suggestion, the man tried to justify his posture by claiming to be examining the flooring material! He had no knowledge of why he was behaving as he was and tried to rationalize it.
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> > Dear Diana,
> >
> > I won't rehearse it here because I think with your interests and studies, it would be important for you
> Just a foonote: Freud's hydraulic concept of "repression" is is a piece
> of vulgar matrrialism that is probalby the least defensible of all this
> concepts. It implies a really bizarre conception of the brain.
> As Nacny describes it, Janet's terminology seems rathr nearer to
> reality.
> Carrol

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