I don't know about DSM-IV, but DSM-V is about to come out.  I think all the categories suspect.  And a worse thing is that as far as I can see most psychiatrists are now not doing therapy but just acting as dispensers of medications. 

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Diana Manister wrote:
> Dear Nancy,
> My comment on paranoid schizophrenia was off-topic. Prufrock is not
> psychotic, obviously.

I haven't checked, but is "paranoid schizophredia" in the current
diagnostic manual?

And incidentally, those who suffer from schizophrenia are said to
suffer from a cognitive disorder. One speaks of "psychotic" _symptoms_
but not ordinarily of "psychoses" as the name of a syndrome. There are
other vaarieties of mental illness that can, in some, generate psyhotic
symptoms (usually hearing voices." And the patient does not _always_
believe his/her symptoms are "real," but despite t that knowledge has a
difficuolt time resisting the voices. I had an acquaintance with a
woman who suffered both from defective hearing _and_ from (I forget the
exact name now) schizoid affective disorder: i.e., she wasn't
"schizophreic" but she did have psychotic symptoms, namely voices that
told her how worthless she was. That she was extremely hard of hearing
greatly complicatted her state. It is true that schizophrenic patients
have great difficulty in separateing reality from 'unreality,' but it is
not true that ehy always or evn usually do. And of course symptoms vary
from patient to patient.

All psychiatric diagnoeses remain suspect pending further research.