It's part of Eliot's fate, isn't it, that left-leaning academics with 
all their projects and agendas have commandeered his writing for their 
purposes and prejudices, which lend so little to actually understanding 
Eliot. Lately, that is, as this, too, will pass, as the dregs of so much 
Eliot criticism, i.e. most of it, will enter history as footnotes if it 
is remarked at all.

Surely CR's witticism could not seriously be considered, by a rational 
person, to be anything but yet another in his string of posts to the 
list of pictures/Eliot quotes, mixed media puns, not meant for 
ideological advancement but for CR's by now highly identifiable brand of 
Eliot exploration/amusement. That anyone would not see this and make 
threats, and not be called on their over the top poor behavior 
........what a sorry state.

If CR is to cease and desist, then surely Carrol and Nancy and quite  
few others will have to forgo their double-standard list lifestyles,  
allowing themselves political commentary while breast-beatingly trying 
to deny it to others. Poor Carrol can't help himself. Let's not go that far.

Peter, tell your cousin to come on in: many are cold, but few are frozen.*

Ken A

*RIP Ralph McInerny

Peter Montgomery wrote:
> Does that mean that if my left-leaning cousin H. Simpson in Springfield,
> Montana
> throws shit at the window of the Republican Party Office, and sends me a
> picture of it,
> it would be okay for me to post it here? I've been trying to convince him to
> join
> the list, but he thinks Eliot is too right wing, what  with his thing about
> being Royalist,
> Anglo-Catholic, and Conservative.
> Cheers,
> Peter
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> Sent: Saturday, February 06, 2010 11:43 AM
> Subject: Re: OT - Tea Party
>> Well CR, when I saw the subject line of your post popup in my list and
>> remembering another recent political themed post from you I thought you
>> were inching across the line.  When I scrolled down to your expected
>> Eliot quotation though, although there was no LOL, I did get a big
>> smile.
>>  > "Should I, after tea and cakes and ices,
>>  > Have the strength to force the moment to its crisis?"
>> As for the link as an ad: I didn't read the webpage but the teaser you
>> gave made it seem that you linked to an informative article; maybe one
>> curious Old World readers might find interesting. I didn't have to
>> listen for a minute before getting to read the rest of what you had to
>> say and I didn't have to click the link. Still, I would ask you to eschew
>> things like this and, in the future, remember that at TSE left-leaning
>> links get leeway.
>> Regards,
>>     Rick Parker
>> Chokh Raj wrote:
>>> My post on Tea Party -- it was rather inquisitive in nature than an
> advertisement -- I was in two minds, nonetheless -- to post or not to
> post -- I'm sure, though, there is nothing "disgusting" about it. For me
> it's like sharing an OT that rocks the people of a nation -- US on the horns
> of a dilemma, I suppose.
>>> As for poetry, it breathes freedom.
>>> Finally, Diana's note is more persuasive -- and so I readily yield :)
>>> Thanks, Diana.
>>> CR