Patricia Sloan: "T.S. Eliot's Bleinstein Poems: uses of literary allusion in
'Burbank with a Baedeker:Bleinstein with a cigar' and 'Dirge'";
International Scholars Publications, New York, 2000.


No mention of Stetson in the index and as I recall from reading it 9 years
ago there is no mention of Stetson in the text


Rick Seddon

Portales, NM


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Doesn't the late Pat Sloane's (2001?)  book cover this topic at length ?





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A reader of my TWL website recently emailed me a query about a man in
Eliot's life around 1920 named Stetson. He also wrote this paragraph
about Bleistein with information new to me:

  You might be interested to know (if you don't already)
  that there a real Bleistein, who ran a Fur and Skin
  Merchants on Lower Thames Street near Eliot's
  workplace. A submission to Notes & Queries also
  mentioned (although I do not know how the author can
  have known it) that this Mr. Bleistein smoked Coronas
  and dined at the Cannon Street Grill. From that
  evidence it would seem fairly certain he was the real
  life model for the Bleistein in 'Burbank with a
  Baedecker: Bleistein with a Cigar'. 'Money in furs'.
  (Of course Bleistein makes an appearance in the drafts
  to The Waste Land).

   Rick Parker