Well CR, when I saw the subject line of your post popup in my list and
remembering another recent political themed post from you I thought you
were inching across the line.  When I scrolled down to your expected
Eliot quotation though, although there was no LOL, I did get a big

 > "Should I, after tea and cakes and ices,
 > Have the strength to force the moment to its crisis?"

As for the link as an ad: I didn't read the webpage but the teaser you
gave made it seem that you linked to an informative article; maybe one
curious Old World readers might find interesting. I didn't have to
listen for a minute before getting to read the rest of what you had to
say and I didn't have to click the link. Still, I would ask you to eschew
things like this and, in the future, remember that at TSE left-leaning
links get leeway.

    Rick Parker

Chokh Raj wrote:
> My post on Tea Party -- it was rather inquisitive in nature than an advertisement -- I was in two minds, nonetheless -- to post or not to post -- I'm sure, though, there is nothing "disgusting" about it. For me it's like sharing an OT that rocks the people of a nation -- US on the horns of a dilemma, I suppose.
> As for poetry, it breathes freedom.
> Finally, Diana's note is more persuasive -- and so I readily yield :)
> Thanks, Diana.
> CR