The Society for German Renaissance and Baroque Literature (SGRABL) solicits papers for the annual meeting of the Modern Language Association, Thursday through Sunday, 6-9 January 2001 in Los Angeles.  SGRABL is proposing two panels for the 2011 MLA.

The first panel, “Exotic Collections 1500-1800,” is the normally scheduled SGRABL session. Collecting is a cultural activity with a very long history, encompassing a variety of cultural practices. This session’s focus means to open the discussion of Exotica in the early modern German context and suggests a strong connection to travel. The premise incorporates the sense of collecting something that is “other,” not from one’s own home, new, different, and perhaps foreign, or unprecedented.
We seek papers dealing with critical approaches to collecting and collections of all kinds, ranging from the collections of texts to those of objects, from the Stammbuch to the Kunstkammer. Papers treating the role of the collector, especially with regard to travel and gender, are encouraged.  Possible topics to be explored include identity and collecting, creating and curating collections, narrated collections, colonialism and collections, memory, and connoisseurship.

The second panel, “Narrating Early Modern Violence,” is a special session SGRABL proposes along the presidential theme for the conference, “Narrating Lives.” For this panel we seek papers that explore narrated violence in early modern German literature with a clear focus on forms of violence 1450-1750. The form of violence maybe fictional or historical. Both individual and institutional forms of violence, particularly with respect to identity and gender, and including military, religious, domestic, and natural violence are encouraged.  Visual depictions of violence as portrayed in broadsheets and pamphlets provide the opportunity to read the text together with the image.

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