Anne Downing and I took a drive over to Whetstone CA this morning, hoping to re-find the Northern Shrike that had been reported earlier in the winter.  Well, no luck in the morning but the “one more try” after lunch was successful.  The bird was initially found on the west side of the road, but flew east. We watched it successfully hunt several times in the valley just to the east of the parking lot labeled “South Lake”.  Good looks and interesting to watch it hunt – have no idea what it was catching.   There are also two mockingbirds in the same vicinity, so check carefully.  We also had a possible RL Hawk, but he flew out of sight before we could confirm; lots of RT Hawks about and one Cooper’s Hawk sitting in a tree right next to the road.  Other usual suspects – and several rabbit hunters.


Jean Leonatti
Boone County, Columbia, MO
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