This afternoon while on a run, I was pleased to see a mature Bald Eagle in eastern Lee's Summit (Jackson County)  The bird was in a tree near the southwest side of Legacy Park, right at the waterfall west from Legacy Pond along Blackwell.  I've seen 2 other bald eagles in this immediate vicinity (Christmas Day '07, Spring '08) but in both of those cases, they were high above, cruising on by (still makes for a cool yard bird).  This guy was sitting in the one sizable tree by said waterfall/runoff.  He took off in a NW direction along Scruggs, in the direction of Prarie Lee Lake (1 south of Jacomo, re: the Jacomo eagle post of yesterday).  How's that for inspiration at the start of a 6-miler?
A few other notes...I've seen up to 2 shrikes in the northern part of Legacy Park during the last few weeks, haven't gotten a good enough look to confirm Loggerhead vs. Northern but I am guessing Loggerhead since that would be the more likely of the 2...?  I've found them along the northern entry road into Legacy Park (saw one today right after the eagle, in fact).
The Great Horned Owl nest active last year in the picnic area of Legacy Park (NW corner) looks to be untouched so far this season, I was thinking owls reuse suitable nest sites but maybe not this time.
Tons of hawks wintering in Legacy Park, almost all Red-Tailed's but I did get a very nice look at a hovering Rough-Legged a few weeks back now.
John A. Joyce
Lee's Summit
Jackson County
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